360 Overview

360 Overview


The 360 Overview reporting dashboard provides an overview of your most important site metrics. You can also filter and download reports to gain deeper insights. 


Click on "Site admin" > "Site reports" > "360 overview."

Here you can see various report blocks showing an overview of course activity, certificate stats, site access information and user activity.

Tip: Click on the  icon to see an explanation of each block.


Each report block has filter and export options. For example, let's look at the Course Progress block. You can:

(1) Decide which course you would like to view;
(2) View this information in more detail; 
(3) and export the report. 

After clicking on "More" to view a more detailed report, you can:

(1) Filter by branches;
(2) Decide whether you want to see progress or engagement data;
(3) and click on the number to view students.


Some reports offer scheduled email exports. Look out for the "Schedule email" option.

Enter the relevant details create scheduled reports that will land in the right email inbox.

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