Adding Policies to Your LMS

Adding Policies to Your LMS


You can add site/privacy/3rd party/other policies for specified users to your Pluto LMS by adding an URL that points to your online policy or creating a new policy using our native policy tool. 


Step 1: Click on "Site admin", followed by "User Management", then, in the "Privacy" block,  "Settings." 

Here you can view and update your privacy and policy settings. 

Step 2:  To add your own policies to your Pluto LMS site, scroll down to the "Policy settings" section and specify your site policy handler to determine how policies and user consents will be managed. 

  1. Default (core): this policy handler allows you to enter an URL that points to your site policy (this can be any type of file anywhere online). 
  2. Policies (tool_policy): this native policy handler allows you to create your site policy by entering legal text on your Pluto LMS. 


If you selected the "Default (core)" policy handler, you can enter the URL that points to your site policy and, optionally, site policy for guests in the designated text boxes. 


If you selected the "Policies (tool_policy)" policy handler, you can scroll down and click on "Save changes." 

This will enable a "Manage policies" button at the bottom of the page. Scroll down and click on it. 

Here you will be able to add a new policy by clicking on "New policy." 

Give your policy a name and summary and enter the legal text into the "Full policy" text box. Additionally, you can define who should see and consent to your policy and when it should be displayed. 

Once you're happy, and ready to display your policy, you can scroll down, tick the "Active" policy status box and click on "Save."


Your policy will now be shown to users (and, depending on your settings, require their consent) either when they first log in, or in the case of existing users, when they next log in to your site.

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