Branch Automation

Branch Automation


This automation allows users with the "Site admin" role to define filtering criteria and create rules that specify which branch filtered users should be added to. When a new user is created or user data is updated, the system checks which branches to add or remove the user from based on the filtering criteria. 

Branch = Segment (Depending on your own site preferences)


Before you can set up branch automation, you need to create the custom profile field/s that will be used to filter users.


Note: Before you can set up branch automation, ensure that you have created the branch/es you wish to manage. 

Step 1: Click on "Site admin", followed by "User management", then "User Segment/Branch automation."

Step 2: Select the branch/es you wish to manage with branch automation.

Step 3: To add a new rule, follow the prompts to select the (1) profile field, (2) condition and (3) branch.

Once you're happy, click "Save changes."

In the "Branch members" tab, you can now see the branch members managed by your rules.

You can always edit/delete your rules in the "View/edit" rules tab.

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