Bulk Create User Segments

Bulk Create User Segments


If a large number of user segments need to be created, users with the Site Admin role can upload a text (.csv) file to create user segments in bulk.

Use Case Example:

Imagine you are a training manager in a large corporate organization with multiple departments and teams. You have the responsibility of creating user segments in your Pluto LMS to efficiently manage and organize your training initiatives.

For example: You can create segments like 'Sales Team,' 'IT Department,' and 'Marketing Division.' Once you've prepared the file, you can easily upload it in Pluto LMS, and the system will automatically create the user segments for you.

This saves you valuable time and effort allowing you to focus on delivering tailored training content.


You can use the bulk upload template provided below in Excel. All that is required is the User Segment Name you wish to create. 

For example:


Step 1: Click on "Site admin", followed by "User Management", then "Manage user segments."

Step 2: In the "Bulk upload user segments" tab, you can upload your text (.csv) file containing your list of segments. 

If you use a Apple computer ensure that your CSV delimiter is a "," (Comma).
If you are using a Windows computer ensure that your CSV delimiter is a ";" (Semicolon).

Step 3: Once you've uploaded and previewed your file, click "Bulk upload user segments."

Your user segments will then be bulk uploaded and will be listed in the Site user segments tab.

Note: User Segment ID can be added/edited here and is required to bulk add users to user segments.

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