Bulk Create Courses

Bulk Create Courses


If you need to create a large number of courses, you can upload a text (.csv) file to create courses in bulk. 

Bulk creating courses in a Learning Management System (LMS) for internal staff training can be a valuable feature, particularly in larger organizations where numerous employees need to undergo training simultaneously or where courses need to be created quickly for various departments or teams. Here's a use case example of how this feature can be applied:

Onboarding Training for a New Department

Scenario: Imagine a large corporation that has recently established a new department focused on digital marketing. They need to provide comprehensive onboarding training for all the employees in this department to ensure they are aligned with company policies and best practices. This department consists of 50 employees.

In this scenario, bulk creating courses in the LMS streamlines the onboarding process for the new digital marketing department, saving time and ensuring that all employees receive standardized training. It also provides a convenient way to manage and track progress, making it an essential tool for effective internal staff training.


You can use the bulk upload template provided below and add your course information:

fullname = Course Full Name

shortname = Course Short Name 

category = Category ID. You can find this in "Site admin" > "Course management" > "Manage categories."

Click on the relevant course and find it's Category ID in the browser:



Step 2.1: Click on "Site admin", followed by "Course management", then "Bulk create courses."

Step 2.2: Upload your populated file and set your preview options.

Step 2.3: (1) Preview your upload, (2) select your "Upload mode" and (3) define your "Default course values." 

Then scroll down and click "Bulk upload courses."

You will then get a confirmation message.

And your course/s will be created within the specified category.

You can now edit course settings in "Course admin" > "Edit settings."

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