Calendar API

Calendar API


events (Required)
General structure

list of ( 
object {
name string   //event name
description string  Default to "null" //Description
format int  Default to "1" //description format (1 = HTML, 2 = PLAIN or 4 = MARKDOWN)
courseid int  Default to "0" //course id
groupid int  Default to "0" //group id
repeats int  Default to "0" //number of repeats
eventtype string  Default to "user" //Event type
timestart int  Default to "1587390712" //timestart
timeduration int  Default to "0" //time duration
visible int  Default to "1" //visible
sequence int  Default to "1" //sequence

REST (POST parameters)

events[0][name]= string
events[0][description]= string
events[0][format]= int
events[0][courseid]= int
events[0][groupid]= int
events[0][repeats]= int
events[0][eventtype]= string
events[0][timestart]= int
events[0][timeduration]= int
events[0][visible]= int
events[0][sequence]= int


events (Required)
General structure

list of ( 
  //List of events to delete
object {
eventid int   //Event ID
repeat int   //Delete comeplete series if repeated event
REST (POST parameters)

events[0][eventid]= int
events[0][repeat]= int

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