Create User Tours

Create User Tours


You can create custom user tours to give users a step-by-step guide to various areas of your Pluto LMS site.


Step 1: Click on "Site admin", followed by "User management", then "Create user tour."

Here you can create new user tours or edit existing user tours. 

Step 2: Click on "Create new tour."

Step 3: Give your tour a (1) name and optional description, (2) enter the URL that will be used to initiate the tour and enable this initiation. You can also (3) optionally define other tour settings.

Tip: Click on the question mark for an explanation of what the setting effects.

Step 4: Select the filters that will determine when a tour is shown to a user. 

Note: All the conditions you set here must match in order for a tour to be shown to a user.

Once you're happy, click on "Save changes."

Step 5: Ensure that your tour is (1) enabled with a clear eye symbol, then (2) add steps.

Step 6: For your new step;

(1) set the part of the page this step will be associated with (the target) and how this target will be identified (the target type);

(2) give the step a title and add content describing the step; 

(3) optionally, override default tour settings.

Once you're happy, click "Save changes."

Tip: If you're using Google Chrome; when using a CSS selector as the step's target type, you can identify the area where you would like the step to focus by right clicking on that area and then clicking "Inspect."

As you add new steps, they will be listed here. You can (1) add new steps or (2) action existing steps.

Step 7: Test and review 

It's always good to test and review your tour, then adjust settings and steps as you go along. 

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