Download Assignment Results

Download Assignment Results


This action is used to download historic and current assignment results. Teachers/Graders can do this to keep track of their students results offline. This is especially helpful when your company is being audited and needs historic data from learners.staff on the LMS.

Enabling users to download assignment results in a Learning Management System (LMS) used for internal staff training can offer several advantages for both learners and administrators. Here's a use case example illustrating how this feature can be beneficial:

Scenario: ABC Corporation utilizes an LMS to facilitate various training programs for its employees, including assignments that require submission and assessment.

Benefits Summarized:
  1. Self-Assessment: Learners can assess their performance, review feedback, and learn from their assignments.
  2. Convenience: Access to downloadable assignment results allows learners to review their work and feedback at their convenience, even offline.
  3. Transparency: Learners have a clear understanding of their performance and the grading criteria.
  4. Efficiency: Administrators can efficiently manage and export assignment results for analysis, reporting, and record-keeping.
  5. Quality Improvement: Instructors can use assignment data to identify areas for course improvement and to tailor instruction to meet learner needs.
  6. Accountability: The feature fosters accountability among learners, who can easily access and review their assessment results.
  7. Record Keeping: Downloadable assignment result reports serve as records for both learners and the organization, facilitating audits and compliance checks.
Overall, enabling users to download assignment results in an LMS for internal staff training enhances the training experience, promotes self-improvement, and supports the organization's quality assurance and record-keeping needs.


Step 1: Click on "Course admin",  followed by "Reports" and then "Assignment submission report."

Step 2: Here, you'll be able to export all course assignment results or export submissions and results for the respective assignments in your course. 

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