Download Course Files

Download Course Files


You can download course files from within the file settings. 

Downloading course files in a Learning Management System (LMS) used for internal staff training offers several benefits for both administrators and learners. Here's a use case example illustrating how this feature can be advantageous:

Scenario: ABC Corporation utilizes an LMS to deliver various training courses to its employees. 

Benefits Summarized:
  1. Flexibility: Learners can access and study course materials at their convenience, even offline.
  2. Personalization: Learners can annotate, highlight, and interact with downloaded materials, enhancing their learning experience.
  3. Engagement Tracking: Administrators can monitor learner engagement and assess the effectiveness of course materials.
  4. Efficiency and Scalability: The LMS can efficiently handle a larger user base, and server load is reduced.
  5. Feedback and Improvement: Administrators can gather feedback from learners and continuously improve training materials.
  6. Compliance: For certain compliance training, having downloadable reference materials may be required to meet regulatory standards.
Providing the option to download course files in an LMS improves the overall training experience, making it more accessible, efficient, and adaptable to the needs of both learners and administrators.‚Äč


Step 1: In the relevant course, click on "Edit course material." 

Step 2: For the file you wish to download, click on "Edit", followed by "Edit settings." 

Step 3: Within the file settings, you can download the file by clicking on the download button as shown below.

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