Event Monitoring

Event Monitoring


Event monitoring allows users with the "Site admin" or "Course reporter" roles to receive notifications when certain events happen on your Pluto LMS. By subscribing to rules from the "Event monitoring" page, these users can be notified about the following events:
  1. A new course has been created.
  2. A new site user has been created.
  3. A user has completed a course.
  4. A new user has enrolled for a course.

Scenario: A large corporation implements a comprehensive LMS, Pluto LMS, to streamline internal staff training processes. The LMS is used to deliver various training courses and modules to employees across different departments. The company's training administrators and managers utilize the event monitoring feature to stay updated on critical events within the LMS system.
  1. Monitoring Course Creation
  2. Tracking New User Creation
  3. Notifying Course Completion
  4. Managing Course Enrollment
In this way, event monitoring in Pluto LMS helps different departments within the organization to stay informed about crucial events, enabling them to streamline training processes, ensure compliance, and improve the overall effectiveness of the staff training programs.


Step 1: Click on "Site admin", followed by "Site reports", then "Event monitoring."

Step 2: Subscribe to/edit the existing event monitoring rules.

A. If you would like to edit the existing rules, click on the gear icon.

Then use the options provided to make the changes you require. 

Note: "{link}" will dynamically embed the link to the event in your monitoring rule.

B. If you would like to subscribe to event monitoring rules, click on the "Event monitoring" link as shown below.

Click on the  symbol to subscribe to a rule. 

Your subscriptions will now appear in the "Your current subscriptions" list . You can always come back here to unsubscribe. 

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