Finding Course Reports

Finding Course Reports


In the relevant course, you can find a variety of course reports in 1) course admin, 2) the right-hand drawer and 3) on the "Grades" page.  


On the "Course admin" page, in the "Reports" tab, you can find the following reports:

  1. Assignment submission report: overview of learners' submissions for one/more course assignments.
  2. Course completion report: overview of learners' course completion progress.
  3. Activity completion report: overview of learners' activity completion progress. 
  4. Event monitoring report: manage subscriptions to event monitoring rules for the course.


In the right-hand drawer, you can find the following reports:

  1. Overview of learners' activity completion progress.
  2. Overview of course leaderboard and learners' points earned.
  3. Overview of learners' time spent in course.


On the "Grades" page, you can find the course gradebook.

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