Home Page Display

Home Page Display


You can edit the items that will be displayed on your site home page for logged in and non-logged in users. Select whether announcements should be displayed on your home page and whether users should see all categories and courses or only those for which they are enrolled. 


Click on "Site admin", followed by "Site branding", then "Home Page Layout."


For non-logged in users, you can enable users to see categories and courses displayed on their home page.

For logged in users, you can enable users to see either (1) only those courses into which they are enrolled or (2) all available categories and courses on their home page.


You can choose to add announcements to your home page when users are logged in /not logged in/ both.

You can now navigate back to your home page and, under "Site news",  click on "Add a new topic" to start posting announcements.

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