Leaderboards and Points

Leaderboards and Points


‚ÄčThe Level up! block in your course can be used to give experience points to learners as they progress through the course. It displays learners' current level and progress towards the next level and adds an element of gamification to a course.


In the relevant course, your gamification block is displayed in the drawer on the right.

Here, you can (1) view the leaderboard/ladder for the course by clicking on the "Ladder" icon. 

You will then see the partial user ladder and close competing students. 

You can also (2) view the report for all users enrolled in your course by clicking on the "Report" icon.

You will then see the points of all users enrolled in your course. 

Finally, you can (3) view and edit the leaderboard settings by clicking on the "settings" icon.

You can leave the settings as defaults or you can define your own gamification course settings, view logs, adjust levels, rules and visuals. 

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