Manually Create Course Groups

Manually Create Course Groups


Course groups in Pluto LMS are a feature that allows for the organization and management of students or learners within a course.

Overall, course groups in an LMS are a valuable feature for organizing and managing learners in a way that enhances collaboration, customization of content, and individualized learning experiences within a larger course structure. They are particularly useful in scenarios where learners are divided into smaller cohorts or teams for various purposes, such as projects, discussions, or department-specific training.

Staff Training Using Course Groups in Moodle LMS

Scenario: A medium-sized company wants to use Pluto as its LMS to provide training to its internal staff. The company has different departments, each with its own training requirements. To manage these requirements efficiently, the company utilizes Pluto's course groups feature.

By using Pluto's course groups in this way, the company can effectively manage internal staff training, ensure that employees receive the right training materials, and foster a culture of continuous learning within the organization.


Step 1: In the relevant course, click on "Course admin", followed by "Users " and the "Course groups."

Step 2: On the "Course groups" page, click on "Create group."

Step 3: Give your group a name (1). You can also, optionally, give your group an ID number (2), description (3), set a group enrollment key (4), enable messaging between group members (5), and add a group message (6). 

Once you're happy, click on "Save changes."

Your group will now display on the "Course groups" page and you can start adding users to it.

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