Manually Create User Segments

Manually Create User Segments


User Segments are site-wide groups that users can manually create with the 'Site Admin' role. Allowing you to organize and target specific groups of users within your LMS. 


The flexibility to create and manage user segments, allows training managers to effectively organize and target specific groups of learners.

For example: A training manager may create a user segment called "Sales Team", this user segment can include all the sales representatives within the organization who require specialized training materials and resources tailored to their specific roles.  

The training manager can easily assign relevant courses, track progress, and deliver targeted communication to this specific group. This ensures that the sales team receives the necessary training and support to enhance their skills and performance in a streamlined manner. 


Step 1: Click on "Site admin", followed by "User Management", and then "Manage User Segments."

Step 2: Click on (1) "Add new user segment", enter your user segment (2) Name, optional (3) User segment ID, optional (4) Description, then (5) "Save changes."

Note: User segment ID is required to bulk add users to user segments.

Step 3: After saving, your site User Segments will be listed in the Site User Segments tab. 

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