Override Activity Completion Status

Override Activity Completion Status


Activity completion status can be manually changed in the activity completion report.

Compliance Training Verification

Imagine a scenario where a company has mandatory compliance training modules for all employees, including courses on workplace safety, data security, and industry-specific regulations. Employees are required to complete these courses within a certain timeframe, and the LMS is set up to automatically track and record the completion status of each module.

However, there might be instances where an employee has completed the training offline, through an in-person workshop or seminar, or via an external training program that is not directly integrated into the LMS. In such cases, the "Override Activity Completion Status" tool can be used by the designated administrator or manager to manually mark the training module as completed for that specific employee, bypassing the automated tracking system.

It's important to use this tool judiciously, with appropriate permissions and documentation to ensure that the integrity of the training records is maintained, and that the tool is not misused or exploited. This way, the organization can effectively manage and track the compliance training status of its internal staff.


Step 1: In the relevant course, click on "Course admin", followed by "Reports", then "Activity completion."

Step 2: Optionally filter users and click on the activities you wish to override.

Once you have confirmed your action by clicking "Save changes", the updated activity completion status will reflect in the report. 

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