Row Limit

Row Limit


Row limit in Pluto Insights refers to the maximum number of rows displayed in a table or chart. It is a setting that allows you to control the amount of data shown to avoid overwhelming the visualization with excessive information.

By setting a row limit, you can specify the maximum number of rows you want to display in your table or chart, and any additional rows beyond that limit will be omitted from the visualization. This can be particularly useful when dealing with large datasets to improve performance and readability.


For example, if you have a dataset with 10,000 records but want to display only the top 10 rows in a table, you can set the row limit to 10. This way, your table will only show the first 10 rows of data, providing a concise view of the most relevant information.

The row limit setting can typically be adjusted in the chart or table configuration options within Pluto Insights. By customizing the row limit according to your needs, you can effectively manage the amount of data shown in your visualizations.

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