Site Logs

Site Logs


Site logs are site wide activity reports that can display all activities, site news and site errors at all site levels. Site logs can be filtered and exported by users with the "Site admin" role. 


Step 1: Click on "Site admin", followed by "Site reports", then "View site logs."

Step 2: Here you can filter site logs according to your preference.

(1) Site wide/ course specific;
Are you investigating a site wide action/event or something that occurred within a specific course?

(2) site user;
Are you investigating an action made by a specific user?

(3) specific day;
Are you investigating an action/event that occurred on a specific date?

(4) all activities/ only errors;
Are you investigating the error that occurred or an activity actioned by a site user?

(5) type of action performed;
  1. Create: user data/content created
  2. View: content viewed
  3. Update: user data/content updated
  4. Delete: user data/content deleted

(6) source of activity;
  1. web: user made an action via the web interface.
  2. CLI: LMS task (either cron job or system reaction to user action)
(7) and type of event.
  1. Teaching: action made in teaching capacity
  2. Participating: learner action

Once you're happy, click on "Get these logs."

Step 3: Now you can view the specified logs online. 


When you are searching for a specific action/user in the site logs, it may be easier to export the logs from the relevant period, course, etc. and then use the search function to perform a search of the entire log report. 
You can scroll to the bottom of the logs page, select your preferred format and click "Download" to export all this information.

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