SQL Templates

SQL Templates

Note that assistance with writing SQL queries is not within Pluto LMS support scope. Please contact a developer for assistance.
That being said, you can use the templates provided below to help you get started. Please review our other guides for more help. 

User Course Completion Progress


u.firstname AS 'First Name',
u.lastname AS 'Last Name',
c.fullname AS 'Course Name',
ROUND(e.progress,0) AS 'Progress',
DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(e.completiontime),'%d-%m-%Y') AS 'Complete Date'

FROM prefix_edwreports_course_progress AS e
JOIN prefix_user AS u ON e.userid = u.id 
JOIN prefix_course AS c ON e.courseid = c.id 

User Segment Assignments


u.firstname AS 'First Name',
u.lastname AS 'Last Name',
b.name AS 'Branch'

FROM prefix_cohort_members AS bm 
JOIN prefix_cohort AS b ON bm.cohortid = b.id
JOIN prefix_user AS u ON bm.userid = u.id 

User Course Grades


u.firstname AS 'First Name',
u.lastname AS 'Last Name',
ROUND(gg.finalgrade,2) AS 'Grade'

FROM prefix_grade_grades AS gg  
JOIN prefix_grade_items AS gi ON gg.itemid = gi.id
JOIN prefix_user AS u ON gg.userid = u.id
WHERE gi.itemtype = 'course'

Cohort = User Segment/Branch

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