Time Grain

Time Grain


Time grain in Pluto Insights refers to the level of temporal detail you want to display in your charts. Essentially, it's the unit of time by which you're grouping your data.

For instance, you could have data that spans several years but you may want to group this data by monthquarter, or year for your visualization. The choice of time grain will affect how the data is aggregated and displayed on your chart.


For example, suppose you're creating a table chart to visualize the number of course enrollments over the past two years using a dataset with a "Enrollment Date" time column. If you select a time grain of "Day", you will see the number of enrollments completed each day. If you choose a time grain of "Month", the data will be aggregated by month, so you'll see the total number of enrollments each month over the two-year period.

Choosing the right time grain allows you to view your data at the appropriate level of detail for your specific analysis or reporting needs.

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