Time Spent Report

Time Spent Report


The Time Spent report in Pluto LMS is a useful tool that provides instructors and administrators with insights into how students engage with online courses and activities within the LMS. This report helps track and analyze the time spent by students on various course components, allowing for a better understanding of student participation and progress.

Overall, the Time Spent report provides valuable information on student engagement and activity duration within the LMS. By leveraging this report, instructors and administrators can gain insights to improve teaching strategies, enhance student support, and promote more effective online learning experiences.


Let's say you are an instructor teaching an online course on computer programming using an LMS that includes a Time Spent report feature. Here's how you can utilize this report:

- Tracking Overall Engagement: You access the Time Spent report to get an overview of how much time students are spending in the course. The report shows you the total time spent by each student within the LMS, helping you gauge their overall engagement levels. For example, you might notice that some students consistently spend more time in the LMS, indicating a higher level of commitment and potential for deeper learning.

- Identifying Under-Engaged Students: By analyzing the report, you may identify students who have relatively low engagement. For instance, you notice that a few students have significantly less time spent compared to others. This prompts you to reach out to those students individually to understand any challenges they might be facing and provide additional support or guidance to improve their engagement.


In the relevant course,
> Open the right-side drawer and click on "View time spent."

> You will then be able to configure the range of dates and the maximum time between clicks of the same session that will be used to calculate time spent.

> Your report will be reflected below the configuration settings and is also downloadable to Excel. 

Please let us know if this tool is not available on your LMS. You can contact us on support@plutolms.com
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