Understanding the Pluto LMS Support Scope

Understanding the Pluto LMS Support Scope

We love our clients and place high priority on providing the best possible customer support. 

Channels of Support

There are multiple channels of support and, as such, an important part of providing our clients with responsive and comprehensive support is ensuring that they understand in which scenarios each support channel is most appropriate and effective. 

1) Email support 

You can reach out to support@plutolms.com if you need assistance on how to use your LMS. 

> Email support is an appropriate choice in many situations, including:
  1. Complex or technical issues that require your to provide detailed information (e.g. screenshot, explanations, etc.) to our support team. 
  2. Non-urgent inquiries such as general questions or requests for information. 
  3. Email support can be beneficial for customers who have difficulty communicating in the support center's primary language (English) as they can take the time to translate their questions or concerns.

2) Phone Call Support 

Click here to setup a support call. 

> Phone call support is an appropriate choice when your require help with:
  1. Urgent or time-sensitive issues that require immediate attention. (Please note that a phone call does not guarantee immediate resolution; it does however allow our support team to gather all the information they need to start work on the issue as soon as possible)
  2. Complex issues that require a conversation between the customer and the support agent. This allows for a more in-depth discussion of the problem and a better understanding of the customer's needs.

3) Live Chat Support 

Click here to connect with us on live chat. 

> Live chat support is an appropriate choice in situations where you require:
  1. Real-time assistance from a support with issues that are not overly complex or technical. This can be helpful for customers who need immediate help but prefer not to make a phone call.
  2. Support while multi-tasking. You can continue working on your computer while chatting with a support agent in a separate window.

4) Training 

We provide all new Clients with 1-1 training. These sessions can be tailored to your specific goals and training requirements and are geared towards getting you set up for success.

Email support@plutolms.com to learn more. 

5) Support Documentation 

Click here to view our support documentation for self-guided support. 

> Support documentation can be easily accessed through our knowledge base and allows you to access the information you need at any time and take action without having to wait for support centre hours.

6) Priority Dedicated Support

If you require a dedicated Pluto LMS account manager, you can reach out to support@plutolms.com. This optional add-on service includes:

> Separate support email which you can contact 
> Direct mobile line to your account manager
> Consultations to ensure your business objections are successful  
> Monthly check-in calls to ensure your success
> Priority escalation of queries 
> SLA with response times 

What scope of support does Pluto LMS provide? 

Assistance with "how to" use Pluto LMS
 Ensuring that any bugs on your LMS are squished 
 Helping you with guided implementation techniques on how best to use the system 
 Helping you connect to a 3rd party integration that is native to our system - see list (this does not include embed codes from 3rd party sites which will require additional development)

What type of support does Pluto LMS not provide? 

X We do not provide support to your end-users
X We do not provide guidance on how to use 3rd party software 
X We do not provide any legal advice 
X We do not action items on a client's behalf, such as uploading course material or deleting users 

Client Responsibility and Scope Examples

The table below provides examples of support scenarios and which party should be contacted in order to resolve your issue.

Pluto LMS3rd Party

Assistance with LMS related queries

How to bulk upload user profiles to your Pluto LMS.-X

Assistance with connecting to 3rd party integration that are native (see list). Please note that integration requests that are not native to Pluto LMS fall outside our scope. 

Connecting your Pluto LMS to Microsoft SSO. 
Assistance with 3rd party software

Setting up your Microsoft SSO in Microsoft. 

Actioning items on the LMS 

Creating courses, uploading files, adding users, etc.

LMS  end-users (learners) support

A learner needs assistance to reset their password.

Troubleshooting a learner action or site admin user mistake/error

Search the site logs to identify who deleted a course resource.

Building custom reports

Use the custom report tool to create a custom report with SQL.
✓ (Add-On)

Feature Requests

Pluto LMS builds new features in accordance with global demand and benefit to all clients.
✓ (As per       roadmap)

Assistance with understanding our API calls. 

Pluto LMS will help you understand our APIs and how to connect to the API.

Developing the API call functions and coding the application. 

It is your responsibility to source a developer to build the API integration. 

Where Scope Lines Get Blurred

There is an infinite number of scenarios where scope lines get blurred, where multiple parties may need to be involved, or where you simply reach a dead-end. We know that this can be frustrating and we're here to help. While some issues will fall outside of our scope of support and area of expertise, we will do everything we can to point you in the right direction in order to help you get to the bottom of the issue. 

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