Update Your Site Branding

Update Your Site Branding


You can customize your site's logo, favicon, brand colour and much more by updating your primary (site) and secondary theme branding settings in Site admin. 


Click on "Site admin", followed by "Site branding", then select the theme for which you wish to update the branding.
Note: Primary Branding refers to your main site theme.
Clients on the Company Plan and upwards can update the branding of more than one theme.

Here you will see different tabs in which you can make updates; for the primary (site theme) you will see the general, custom CSS, frontpage, footer and forum tabs.

For themes 2 & 3, you will see the general, footer and advanced (custom CSS) tabs:


The general tab will allow you to update your:
  1. Site logo (We recommended size less than 300px wide for site performance)
  2. Site favicon (This needs to be in ".ico" format. Use a free tool like https://www.favicon-generator.org/ to create a favicon)
  3. Brand colour
  4. Login page background
  5. Navigation bar colours


The frontpage tab will allow you to update your front page (login page) settings like your frontpage login box site header image (you can use a site like https://unsplash.com/ to find free images), etc.

Note: Your frontpage settings are updated in "Primary (Site Theme)" and apply to all themes.

The footer tab will allow you to add your primary website link, contact details and other social media links.


The forum tab will allow you to configure the general forum settings for the theme.


The custom CSS tab allows you to use the custom CSS editor which allows you to add your own CSS code to customize your theme. 
This should be approached with caution and may require the assistance of a developer.

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