Webinar - Integrations

Webinar - Integrations

Recorded Session (Part 2):

  1. External Repositories
  2. LTI
  3. API

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      STEP 1: LTI SITE SETTINGS Your LTI settings can be found under "Site admin" > "Integrations" > "External Sources / LTI": STEP 2: FOLLOW 3RD PARTY SUPPORT DOCS Follow your 3rd party LTI connection support documents in order to setup your LTI ...
    • Generate your API Key

      Step 1: Click on "Site admin" > "Integrations" > "Manage tokens": Step 2: Click on "Create Token": Step 3: (1) Select the user you wish to give the API Token to, (2) Select "API" then (3) Save: Step 4: Share this token with the user or save it if ...
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      OVERVIEW Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a specification that establishes a standard way of integrating rich learning applications, called tools (delivered by LTI providers) with platforms such as learning management systems, called LTI ...