Webinar - Reports

Webinar - Reports

Session Recording:

  1. Site Wide Reports
  2. Course Reports
  3. Course Gradebook
  4. Custom Reports

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    • Webinar - Gradebook

      Recorded Session: Useful Link: Course Gradebook
    • Gradebook Overview

      GRADEBOOK OVERVIEW To access a course gradebook, in the relevant course, click on "Grades."  GRADER REPORT By default, the gradebook will open to the "Grader report", which is a quick view of all of your learners and their grades within your course. ...
    • Gradebook Setup

      GRADEBOOK SETUP You can adjust your gradebook setup in the "Setup" tab. GRADEBOOK SETUP In the "Gradebook setup" tab, you can see all the activities that have been added to your grade book as grade items. By default, all course activities are ...
    • Creating a Custom Report

      OVERVIEW The Custom Reports module allows you to create custom reports to supplement the native Pluto LMS reports.  Note: This may require the assistance of a developer.  CREATE A CUSTOM REPORT Step 1: Click on "Site admin", followed by "Site ...
    • Finding Course Reports

      OVERVIEW In the relevant course, you can find a variety of course reports in 1) course admin, 2) the right-hand drawer and 3) on the "Grades" page. COURSE ADMIN On the "Course admin" page, in the "Reports" tab, you can find the following reports: ...