Bulk Create Course Groups

Bulk Create Course Groups


If you need to create a large number of course groups in a specific course, you can use the "Import" function in that course to upload a text (.csv) file and create groups in bulk. 

Bulk creating course groups in a Learning Management System (LMS) for internal staff training can be highly beneficial in various scenarios, particularly when an organization needs to manage large numbers of employees and courses efficiently. Here's a use case example to illustrate its advantages:

Large-Scale Employee Training Program

Scenario: Imagine a large corporation with thousands of employees across multiple departments and locations. The company offers a wide range of training courses, from mandatory compliance training to department-specific skill development programs. To streamline the administration of these courses and ensure employees receive targeted training, the company employs bulk creation of course groups within their LMS.

By using bulk creation of course groups in their LMS, this large corporation can efficiently manage its extensive training programs, tailor learning experiences to different employee groups, and ensure that employees receive the right training at the right time, contributing to overall workforce development and compliance.


You can use the bulk upload template attached at the bottom of this page. All that is required is the group name of the groups you wish to create (and optional course group ID's).

For example:


Step 1: In the relevant course, click on "Course admin", followed by "Users" and then "Course groups."

Step 2: On the "Course groups" page, click on "Import groups."

Step 3: Upload your populated file and click on "Import groups."

When using a Apple Computer ensure that you CSV Separator/Delimiter is ",(Comma) 
If you are working on a Windows computer ensure that your CSV separator/delimiter is a ";(Semicolon) 

Step 4: "Continue" once all groups have successfully been imported.

These Course Groups will now be displayed on the "Course groups" page and you can start adding users to them. 
You can Manually or Bulk add users to course groups.

You have now successfully added and created course groups via bulk creation.

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