Create a Single Course

Create a Single Course


A course is a shell that neatly houses your e-learning activities and assessments in a structured way. A course can be used to help your end-users acquire new knowledge and skills.

Users with the "Site Admin" or "Course Creator" roles can create new courses and define course settings. 


You as a training manager are responsible for onboarding new employees into your organization. You want to provide a comprehensive and structured training program to ensure that new hires quickly understand your company's policies and procedures.
With this tool, you can easily create a course specifically designed for onboarding purposes. 

For example: You can include modules on company culture, HR policies, compliance training, and department-specific guidelines.
Users can access the course materials at their own pace, review important information, and complete assessments to gauge their understanding.

This helps streamline the onboarding process and ensures that all employees receive consistent, comprehensive and effective training.


Step 1: Click on "Create course" in your left navigation menu.

Alternatively, you click on "Site admin", followed by "Courses management", then "Create single course."

Step 2: Define your course settings.

(1) Enter the "Course full name."

(2) Enter the "Course short name."

(3) Select the Course category.

Optionally, define the other settings. You can leave these as default and always edit them later in "Course admin" > "Edit settings."

Step 3: Scroll down and click on "Save and display."

When you are happy with your course, you can now start to add different course content types.
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